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Using the Root Authority Godaddy SSH Server How to connect ? Google Search Page

Godaddy Servera Root Yetkisiyle SSH Kullanarak Nasıl Bağlanılır ?

As in a lot of things, is different compared to the other servers also make connections with SSH servers on Linux CentOS. Godaddy this issue, He made a statement in their help section, but it is my life until I went desem place. Not to mention the english Resources. Turkish I want to share this information with you because there was a source. (B) First, if a Linux server or VPS ...

More» | Four Four Game Site… Google Search Page | Dört Dörtlük Oyun Sitesi…

Another project I've completed my mind more. hazır.. (Y) 'of 120.000 'E's near flash games. All of these games can be played online completely free of charge and üyeliksiz. To play the game or do not even need to be a member of the visitors to make the score-review. 140 'Divided into more categories than those that do not understand how time passes while playing games ...

More» | Pet Ads Google Search Page | Evcil Hayvan İlanları, Pet Ads (&) (@) I first mentioned here because of the renovation project sites. 2006 Opened in's renewal project completed. Can be given completely free pet ads, ads that can be added to unlimited photo, which it is very easy to use and follow , He has been renewed and updated to keep pace with today's conditions. Much more beautiful ...


CuteFTP ‘de, Site Passwords getting lost Backup Account Google Search Page

CuteFTP ‘de, Site Şifreleri Kaybolmadan Hesapları Yedekleme

The worst thing that happened to the use CuteFTP, Once they add ftp accounts, let's say at a time when they CuteFTP program format backups of its backup site using the accounts feature, After formats restore this account are seeing when they have gone all the passwords and settings. 1-2 one ftp account for those who like me, this is a big problem but for example, 100 More than ftp ...


Using SSH Server Setup Godaddy Free Ioncube / Zend Setup Google Search Page

Godaddy Servera SSH Kullanarak Ücretsiz Ioncube Kurulumu / Zend Kurulumu

You have a very nice project. You did find a nice and appropriate script for this project. But you take a look at, php pages in the script that is encrypted using the ioncube. To run this script on your server or illaki: must be installed on your ioncube. Here you have a big problem… Ioncube is normally a paid program. However encrypted pages there is also a small script for processing ...


Cu3 is animated with Photos Slide Structure Google Search Page

Cu3er İle Resimleri Animasyonlu Slide Yapın

I mentioned in my article here. A lot of people 'he was asking how I was doing in the animated image transitions. I tell my leg gave promise. That made the slide with animated Cu 3.. (Y) I have said from the beginning that; It took not a system that you can use ready. you'll need them little precise knowledge of HTML. Therefore, if you do not know any html, Slide your pictures on the internet ...


Godaddy Windows Virtual Dedicated Server Timezone – Changing Daylight Google Search Page

Godaddy Windows Virtual Dedicated Server Timezone – Daylight Değiştirme

Godaddy Windows Server 2008 R2 Virtual Dedicated Server Timezone – Changing Daylight Problem and Solution new spelling here 2 The virtual dedicated server services I mentioned that. Dedicated Server Timezone Windows serverda Windows Server 2008 R2 installation. Earlier in my virtual dedicated Windows Server sever 2003 It was established and 32 It was bit operating system. New server 64 bit operating system and GoDaddy with this ...


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